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August is HERE and summer is coming to and end SOON. Don't panic MeditationRings has got you covered for that next chapter in your life.

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MeditationRings are here for you.

Nervous or anxious about starting that new chapter in your life? MeditationRings has got you covered! Not only do they help with those new school nerves but they are great to wear alone or all at once.

Instead of getting nervous, GET EXCITED.

This is your time to shine! College can be one of the top most stressful situations in one's life but it doesn't have to be. Spin, spin and spin! Spin your MeditationRing/MeditationRings as many times as you need too. Take a deep breath or multiple, close your eyes for a second or 5 seconds and learn how your MeditationRing works for you. Everyone is different as every MeditationRing is different and comes with a diffrerent name and meaning but rest assured everyone is feeling the same as you. Everyone you are going to meet on your first day of college is JUST as nervous as you if not more so

1) Pick a MeditationRing or multiple that fit your style

2) Close your eyes for a moment where ever you are.. Whether you are in line at the coffe shop or on the bus

3) Take a large inhale and a slow exhale while spinning your MeditationRing

4) Keep your mind focused on the present moment, on the positive all while spinning your MeditationRing and breathing.


5) Repeat as needed! All throughout the day.

Focus on the moment.

The moment is now and your MeditationRing is going to be there for all of it. Throoughout every crazy reading week or all the midterms, you can always wear your MeditationRing as a reminder to focus on the present moment, to take a moment to breathe and meditate.

Spinning the bands on your MeditationRing, even for a few moments,

c an restore a sense of calmness & inner harmony.

You are strong. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow. 


Now let's get to the fun part, choosing your MeditationRing.👇

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