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MeditationRings Guide to staying healthy + all things wellness

Start to associate the use of your meditation ring with something positive. Go to your happy place, or a remote spot where you can sit and enjoy the calm around you, and spin your band with nothing but positive thoughts in your mind. In times of need, when you spin your ring those calming thoughts will come back to you through association of the feeling between your fingers.



If you have problems falling asleep, yoga is an amazing exercise and tool that can help you promote a feeling of wellness and relaxation and in turn help you reach that blissful sleep. According to Harvard researchers, this discipline is ideal to relieve of insomnia. They affirmed that the daily practice of yoga improves the quality and quantity of sleep, both in people who cannot sleep because of stress related problems and for those who suffer diseases such as cancer, arthritis, depression and fibromyalgia.



Each day we wake up and already have a million things on our minds and throughout each day we will do what feels like a million things, but where does time for self care come in?



What do our MeditationRings mean to us?

"Our vision is that our brand will help people remember to slow down and take time to reflect and appreciate themselves, and to remember to live in the moment. I think that meaningful jewelry is the way of the future; we want to feel connected to ourselves, our universe, and each other. We believe our MeditationRings are a way for one to spin their ring, take a deep breath and focus on that present moment. MeditationRings mean, that even for a few minutes you can restore a sense of calmness and inner peace, that this form of Meditation increases self - awareness and helps you gain a new perspective."

- Naomi Traimer - Creator of MeditationRings Brand -