Teaming up with Michaela Kotob (Roses n Mimosas) means working with someone who believes in our brand and has the same passion for our MeditationRings as we do. As someone with a blooming full time career and a successful blog, we have been honored to have the chance to collaborate with Michaela several times since last year. Each time she has learned more and more about us as people, our brand and our products.

Our vision is that our brand will help people remember to slow down and take time to reflect and appreciate themselves, and to remember to live in the moment. Meaningful jewelry is the way of the future; we want to feel connected to ourselves, our universe, and each other. We believe our MeditationRings are a way for one to spin their ring, take a deep breath and focus on that present moment.

- Roses & Mimosas X MeditationRings -


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