How to use your MeditationRing to meditate, reduce stress & anxiety.

Spinning the bands on your MeditationRing, even for a few moments can help restore a sense of Calmness & Inner Peace.


Our MeditationRings contains an outer band of Silver, Gold or "Vermeil"1, which freely spins around the base of the ring when you rotate it with your fingers.

We created the concept that the spinning motion helps one channel anxious energy into spinning the bands and clearing the mind by focusing on the flows and spins of the MeditationRing. This idea dates back to ancestral concepts many cultures use to this day. Items such as the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, the Chinese Baoing Balls, and the Greek Worry Beads all were designed for similar stress and anxiety relieving items.

When you spin the band it helps create a calming effect, helping to focus your thoughts as you turn the band. In the past, you might of found yourself fidgeting in search for some comfort; playing with your hair, fiddling with your necklace or you are riddled with negative thoughts in anxiety inducing situations. Our MeditationRings give you a point of focus, and a less obvious way to move your hands in those times that you feel you need to. Simply turning the band with your fingers, with slow deep breaths can wash a calm over you. Spinning the bands on your MeditationRing, even for a few moments can help restore a sense of calmness & inner peace.

Rather than trying to ignore the anxiety or stress, it is far better to acknowledge and accept it in order to get past it. Our MeditationRings can help bring you into the present and acknowledge the anxiety, while calming your thoughts. The spinning motion creates a rhythmic sound and sensation that can help you focus your thoughts and emotions and center yourself in the moment.

Start to associate the use of your MeditationRing with something positive. Remember a "happy place", a pleasing memory, or find a remote spot where you can sit and enjoy the calm around you. Spin your band with nothing but positive thoughts in your mind. In times of need, when you spin your ring those calming thoughts will return.

Everyday, whether you are stuck in traffic, in a meeting, or at the bus stop, try to close your eyes even for a quick moment, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out while spinning the band on your MeditationRing. You will find this to be a soothing and effective way to get rid of those negative thoughts, anxiety feelings or just to focus on that present moment and clear your mind.

MeditationRings do not just benefits adults! MeditationRings have shown to increase focus in children as well. The act of spinning our MeditationRings for children of all ages throughout their day as shown to help improve their focus in and out of the classroom as well as help with calming and soothing anxious and/or negative thoughts.


1. Our 14 KT Gold Vermeil Collection is a thick layer of 14 KT Gold on top of .925 Sterling Silver. For a product to be considered Vermeil the plating must be 2.5 microns and over 10KT Gold on .925 Sterling Silver.