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MeditationRings Cleaning Cloth

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MeditationRings cleaning cloth is perfect for wiping down your MeditationRing everyday to remove excess oils, dirt, and perspiration. Wiping your MeditationRing with our cleaning cloth will help remove excess skin oils or perspiration which will help keep silver jewellery clean and bright longer. After wiping down your MeditationRing with the cleaning cloth, store your MeditationRing in your beautiful MeditationRings tin or satin travel pouch.

What are MeditationRings made from?

MeditationRings are made from .925 Nickel free Sterling Silver. Many of our MeditationRings come with solid Gold bands or Bonded Gold bands/edges. If a product description says Bonded Gold then the technique utilized is when a sheet/thick layer of gold is bonded on-top of .925 Sterling Silver. Bonded Gold is a very thick layer of gold that will not rub off with the spinning of your MeditationRing.

New 14 KT Gold Vermeil Collection is a thick layer of 14 KT Gold on top of .925 Sterling Silver. For a product to be considered Vermeil the plating must be 2.5 microns or higher and over 10KT Gold over .925 Sterling Silver.

What if my MeditationRing doesn't fit?

No problem! We take care of your first exchange, just use the prepaid shipping label in your package to return your order. You will have 30 days from the day your package is delivered to send back your package to us for an exchange or return.

What if I want to return my MeditationRing for a refund?

Your satisfaction is our top priority therefore, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just use the prepaid shipping label in your package to return your order for a refund within 30 days of receiving your order. For more information on our exchange/return instructions please visit FAQ page.


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